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The effective application and measurement of the SQMS will determine the performance that ATEC is consistently providing products and services that meet customer (internal/external) and regulatory requirements first time every time. An important part of this measurement is the establishment and review of performance indicators against key processes, only then can we understand our current performance and determine improvement actions.


Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System(s) (SQMS) are the systematic approach we implement to deliver the values associated with adopting a safety, quality and environmental culture. ATEC document and implement integrated management systems, these are referred to as the SQMS.


SQMS do not come as a neatly packaged item available ‘off the shelf’. It is a way of working and reflects the safety and quality culture of our business. The SQMS is the integration of all management systems. If we apply the systems holistically rather than separate silo requirements, we have a greater chance of implementing an effective and added value SQMS that supports and guides the business rather than something that requires boxes to be ticked and increases administration.


The overall objective for the SQMS is to measure performance (both individually & functionally) against desired outcomes be that compliance or continuous improvement. Only by measuring and reviewing our organisational performance can we learn and improve. ATEC use the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of performance measurement.


In recent years industry’s understanding of how accidents and incidents happen has greatly improved. Greater emphasis is now placed on the human factors involved and the organisational factors that contribute to errors being made. Organisational factors include how a company operates, how it sets out its procedures, how it trains/educates its employees and last but certainly not least is how it communicates with its employees, customers and supply chain.


Documenting and implementing an SQMS will allow ATEC to take a proactive approach to safety and quality by identifying some of the causal factors and proactively acting before an event happens. An SQMS will help ATEC have a greater understanding of the hazards and risks affecting the safety performance of our products and people. An effective SQMS is a method of taking ATEC beyond blind compliance to regulations and international standards.


People are at the heart of our business.

We are committed to the development of all of our staff and we are proud to have achieved the prestigious new IIP 6th Generation Gold standard