Why legacy is about the future, not just the past

Posted September 09, 2016

Why legacy is about the future, not just the past

The lifespan of an engineering system can be seen very differently from alternative standpoints.

For the OEM, the focus is on continuing product development and new innovation. As older products are put to end-of-life, new upgrades and developments are launched.

For the end-user on the other hand, investment needs to deliver the best return and engineered systems can be expected to run considerably beyond the OEM’s redundancy.

ATEC’s primary customer base operates in high reliability and safety critical environments. These are not businesses that can afford to work with any company out of loyalty or habit, but only because it is delivering exactly what they need. They need assurance that their key systems can be maintained at full operational specification.

This is where ATEC can provide support to take over the manufacture, repair, overhaul and post design services, including Obsolescence Management of both ATEC and non-ATEC products.

Realistic extension of life for legacy systems

ATEC can help keep systems operational up to and beyond their anticipated end of life, saving operators money and allowing changes to be planned over the optimum timescale to avoid disruption or downtime, without compromising on standards.

Legacy products bring challenges of their own, but our team has amassed the knowledge and expertise to stay one step ahead. A proactive approach, combined with strong industry networks, up-to-date technology and the engineering skill and acumen to find new solutions makes ATEC the ideal provider of obsolescence management services (see ‘Forward planning to manage obsolescence risks’).

Many of our long-term clients with legacy products, including the MoD, Rolls Royce and the Indian Navy, have already been reaping the benefits of what we can deliver in this area for many years and will continue to do so into the future.

With such a wealth of evolved experience in the design, manufacture and support of complex, highly specialised control and monitoring equipment, ATEC is uniquely placed to offer maintenance, repair and overhaul services to the highest specifications, prolonging the working life of components and full systems and taking precautionary measures before the impact of any issues is felt.

ATEC also maintain and support bespoke systems we have designed

ATEC ensures the longevity of its own exclusive Digicon/Sequel, Gnome and T-55 DECU products through the provision of strong after-market capabilities in addition to repairs and focused obsolescence management, including customer usage support and software upgrades.

The ATEC Business Development and Key Account teams are continually working with both new and existing customers. We provide support on legacy products and the associated challenges in the UK, across Europe and internationally. It is part of our company ethos to keep building on that strength and scope; we are currently bidding on a project to work with multiple nuclear facilities to extend the life of a nuclear plant in the UK.

We stand by our motto: ‘Support for yesterday, today and tomorrow.’

Please contact International Sales Manager Sirka Moore (smoore@atenginecontrols.com) for more information.