Technical Approvals – retained & achieved by ATEC

Posted February 02, 2019

Technical Approvals – retained & achieved by ATEC

Technical approvals are key drivers tor ATEC. Furthermore, it is essential that we can objectively demonstrate our competence and performance to customers who rely on us to support mission-critical systems. Inevitably, time limits apply to most accreditations. Consequently, it is just as important to ensure we maintain the standards required for the regular reassessments.


We have recently achieved one new accreditation while completing a successful retention audit for a second.



JOSCAR is an accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors. An initiative led by the ADS Group was central in setting up the system. The JOSCAR programme includes a growing number of prime contractors as registered buyers. Our first step is securing accreditation to JOSCAR Stage-1 of this sector-leading standard. We are now actively working to achieve Stage-2-the highest level for a company such as ours.


CANPAC Approval

ATEC retained our status as a CANPAC approved supplier to the Canadian Nuclear power industry during early October. Two CANPAC auditors conducted the audit over a 5-day assessment containing 57 pages of standards and 600 questions.


Lead Auditor Robert De Gregorio was complimentary regarding the progress of continuous improvement projects that had been implemented since the previous audit.