Ongoing overhaul contracts for Sea-King helicopter Gnome fuel control systems

Posted April 04, 2018 by ATEC News Desk


The Sea King helicopter has been in service for over 50 years and AT Engine Controls have a long and proud link with this history. We supply support and maintenance to the Engine Fuel Control system components of the Rolls Royce GNOME engine. This is the unit that powers numerous Sea King variants.


The Engine Fuel Control system is critical to the flight of the Sea King platform. It also determines, along with various other factors, the success of a helicopter mission.

Extended Reliability

The operational life of the Sea King fleet is being extended. To achieve this, it is vital to ensure continuing performance and reliability.


To this end, ATEC is pleased to announce we have secured overhaul contracts for the GNOME Fuel Control systems in India and Germany. Our contracts will deliver assured flying operations of the Sea-King platform for the future.


As well as regular maintenance work, and in order to mitigate any existing reliability related issues, ATEC design and engineering capabilities will play an important obsolescence management role to restore the performance of components to their original design specification standard.


We look forward to long and beneficial partnerships with our customers.