Ongoing investment extends ATEC service levels

Posted September 09, 2019

Ongoing investment extends ATEC service levels

ATEC has over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture and support of complex electronic and electro-mechanical based control and monitoring equipment which are used in the Aerospace, Defence and Oil & Gas sectors.


The high level of expertise from our internal teams has assisted us in maintaining many successful partnerships over the years.


Service and certainty are central to the ATEC proposition.


Not only must we work to ensure our customers’ critical systems consistently perform reliably to specification, our business relationships also demand high performance levels within our workshop to allow us to deliver conforming product first time, every time.


To achieve these goals we regularly evaluate workflows and production efficiencies of both staff and machinery. These evaluations, alongside our extensive expertise allow us to lay out and equip our facilities in the best way possible.


Following a recent review, we embarked on a project to reorganise and re-equip our shop floor. Our goal was to create a solid platform for business growth over the next 5 years.


Printed Circuit Board Manufacture

The influence of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is growing significantly in the equipment we design, build and maintain for our customers. Consequently, we recognised that this was an area where it is important for us to operate to the highest standards and efficiencies.


To address this, we have recently committed to a significant investment in a Manncorp MC-385V1V network-enabled Pick and Place SMT machine.


Manncorp MC-385V1V SMT Unit


The MC-385V1V can operate at up to 5000 component placements per hour. In addition, it offers a PCB placement area of up to 435 mm x 350 mm (17.1″ x 13.8″)



In addition to the expansion of our SMT capability, we are also enhancing our offering in conventional wave soldering which has formed and still does form a significant part of our production capability.


To this end, we can also confirm the impending arrival of a Manncorp 28.400 compact wave solder machine which can be configured with dual waves to accommodate through-hole, surface mount and mixed-technology assemblies:



We are installing and commissioning both machines in May 2017.


The new SMT/Flow solder facility is part of our new shop floor development. It will allow us to batch and volume produce PCBs quickly and with high accuracy and quality as is required in the safety critical environments that our customer’s products operate.