Obsolescence Management for process-critical systems

Posted October 10, 2016

Obsolescence Management for process-critical systems

For users of engineered systems, it is important to get the best return on any investment and often keeping existing systems running efficiently beyond the OEM’s declared end-of-life can give significant cost savings and other efficiency benefits.

Ultimately, any system will become too inefficient or too expensive to maintain. Obsolescence Management enables systems to keep running, often for years beyond the end of OEM support, delivering real financial benefit.

AT Engine Controls is ideally placed to offer a complete obsolescence management solution that keeps companies ahead of the game.

We take a multi-layered approach that utilises the extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and positive contacts of both the company and individuals within the team, alongside advanced software.

ATEC’s has experience across a wide range of sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Production
  • Industrial/Manufacturing

This experience allows us to explore a wealth of mitigation options that we can pursue dependent on the individual requirements of the situation and client. Members of our team are in a strong position to negotiate with manufacturers to secure lifetime buys or bridge buys. We have the industry know-how to identify an alternative source or, where that is not applicable, the technical expertise to weigh up possible component adaptations or replacements.

When there is no other viable solution, or to accommodate the obsolescence in the long-term, our engineers can produce a redesign solution that will allow work to continue without any compromise on quality or efficiency.

ATEC are proud to have established close working relationships with numerous global engineering businesses. We have an ongoing 6-year contractual relationship with Boeing which includes obsolescence management for a range of systems. Bespoke software tools assist in efficient management of our BOMs with suppliers.

Examples of other customers include: EDF, Conoco Phillips, Shell, Caterpillar and GE

Our proactive approach has ensured we consistently meet delivery timescales – a key requirement when maintaining critical systems.

More widely, ATEC has worked with Gnome aviation products for more than half a century. This relationship has delivered benefits to organisations across the world including Rolls Royce, the MoD and the Indian Navy

If you are looking for support with your critical engineered systems, get in touch.