Enhanced production layout at ATEC Wardley site

Posted February 02, 2019

Enhanced production layout at ATEC Wardley site

Overview of the ATEC Production Facility


We recognise the importance of continuing investment to maintaining the highest standards of service delivery across our business and the sectors we serve. As we reported back in the early spring, for much of 2017 we have been engaged in a process of upgrade and renewal across the production area at our Wardley base. We can now report that this work has been completed – and we are extremely pleased with the results!


Key features of the development include:

New Lighting

The precision design and engineering work we undertake benefits from high-performance lighting. The system we have installed combines excellent illumination helping with the most complex of assembly tasks. The new lighting is also highly energy efficient.


Improved Ventilation

Many of the processes we undertake generate heat. As winter approaches this can sometimes be a benefit but it is essential that we can control our working and process environment throughout the year. Our upgraded ventilation maintains conditions on our shop floor at the ideal level for both comfort and operational efficiency.


ESD Flooring

Undertaking electrical and electronic design, manufacture and assembly work means that static is our enemy. A single unguarded static discharge can destroy precision electronic equipment. Therefore, we have installed ESD flooring across our workshop to give us effective protection against electrostatic discharge.


New Workstations

To complement the enhanced working environment, we have also invested in new furniture, IT equipment and a range of electrical and mechanical benches, all designed to allow us to deliver the best service efficiently and effectively.


Major Production Machinery Investment

Last, but by no means least, the highlights of our new development are 2 significant additions to our automated electronics production facilites.


MannCorp MC-385V1V SMT Pick and Place


The MC-385V1V is a high-precision single-head pick and place machine.


Using a ball screw drive and linear encoders it allows for a high degree of speed, accuracy and feeder capacity. These features combine to ensure superior levels of both repeatability and accuracy.


The machine is capable of handling parts down to 0201s and with placement rates reaching 5,000 cph (4,000 cph, IPC-9850) and placement accuracy of 30 µm, 3 Sigma combined with a maximum placement area of 435 mm x 350 mm (17.1″ x 13.8″). Consequently, it broadens the scope of our capabilities for surface mount components.


Manncorp 28.400 Wave Solder Machine installed at ATEC


This new machine extends our existing flow-solder facilities, increasing our capacity as well as capability.


We can now undertake Lead-Free as well as Leaded soldering. We can also configure the machine with dual waves to accommodate through-hole, surface mount and mixed-technology assemblies.


The ability to program for the various boards and upload configurations quickly and easily, combined with its motorized conveyor (allowing width adjustment, from 50-400 mm or 2″-15.75″), dramatically reduces setup time and helps eliminate operator inconsistency.


We first highlighted these new machines back in March. Both machines are now installed, commissioned and making a valuable contribution to our production workflow.


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