Atec MD Named In Manufacturing's Most Influential

Posted June 06, 2023

Atec MD Named In Manufacturing's Most Influential

Britain’s manufacturing heroes named in Birmingham

John Bowden, Managing Director has been named not only in The Manufacturers Top 100, but as one of the top 20 exemplar's recognised as an Innovator, Inspiring Leader and an Unsung Hero within the manufacturing industry. 


"It was truly humbling to not only be named in the Top100, but even more so being named in the top 20 exemplars in the manufacturing industry. It’s fair to say that the last few years have been challenging for business and for many of us as individuals, trying our best to make things work and to make a difference. Thanks to those who nominated, judged and added positive comments along the way, it is truly appreciated (and needed). Great to see a buoyant mood within the manufacturing leaders at the awards and well done to everyone nominated Let us all work to make our sector the shining star it once was in the U.K. Thanks again to The Manufacturer and the team at Atec Engineering Solutions Let’s keep doing the right things and keep improving together."


The Manufacturers Top 100 Project, run by The Manufacturer magazine, celebrates it's tenth anniversary in 2023 and publicly recognises the most dynamic leadersand innovators in manufacturing. Soon after the start of this decade, several academic and parliamentary studies identifies a clear lack of visible role models within manufacturing. In response, The Manufacturer Top 100 Project launched in 2014 to promote the exciting, well-paid and fulfilling careers that exist in the sector.


Awardees are drawn from every walk of UK industry, and at any stage of their career, from top floor to shop floor. From Young Pioneers who are establishing a new generation of makers in UK industry, to Inspiring Leaders and Drivers of Cultural Change to the Innovators and Unsung Heroes, these are the people who are helping make the UK manufacturing, the innovation sector it is today.


They are selected from hundreds of nominations for the examples they set to draw young people into the sector; 100 unique and uplifiting stories of struggle, grit, determenation against all the odds, personal tales of individuals helping to drive UK manufacturing forward - and to change popular perceptions of careers in industry.


Joe Bush, Editor of The Manufacturer and The Manufacturer Top 100 publication commented "It's been a pleasure talking to some of this year's intake and our judging panel, and listening to the passion for the manufacturing industry in the UK. They say that if you find something you love doing , you'll never work a day in your life, and it's clear that for so many, a career in manufacturing means so much more than a job.


Of course, the primary goal of the Top 100 is to raise the profile of the sector and highlight the amazing opportunities that exist. It is perhaps easy for young people to visualise working in other sectors, but ask them to picture a career in manufacturing and the vision might be slightly opaque, outdated and certainly some way off the modern day reailty. In terms of it's importance to the UK i've heard the manufacturing sector described as the backbone in the background!


Therefore, the onus is on us, the manufacturing sector, to shout about our industry from the roof tops. You are proof of the amazing things that can be achieved by the makers and the doers in the sector. Society as a whole is going through a period of challenge and change and it's the innovators and the problem solvers who will be at the coalface of that and the ones driving our nation and society forward."


Being named as part of the cohort, means deepening our commitment to the sector, in a series of pledges, which will continue to enrich the manufacturing sector. These include closing the skills gap, employing apprentices and building sustainable and meaningful relationships through active outreach with local schools to promote STEM at a grassroots level.