IGV Seal Removal for the BWB

Atec manufacture four components found inside the GNOME engine of the Leonardo Sea King Helicopter.    This comprises of the Fuel Computer, Throttle Actuator, IGV (Inlet Guide Valve) and Dual Tachometer.


When the IGV came to ATEC as part of the repair programme our engineers noted that there was damage to the external casing of the IGV seal, resulting in an overhaul rather than a Minor/Major repair.  The cause of the damage to the casing of the IGV seal was happening in the field, when engineers were forced to use unconventional materials to unjam the seals.


ATEC’s Design Engineering team worked to find a simple and effective solution that could be used by the customer and could be transported between locations. The team developed the IGV Seal Removal tool in response to the damage and cost impact that the unconventional methods were causing.


This example of innovative MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) for our customers provided an effective and efficient solution and ultimately saved them time and money.